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Amana UnitsWelcome to Glenn Baker’s Heating & Air Conditioning, the premier HVAC service provider in the Baton Rouge area. We provide top-notch service with an emphasis on customer satisfaction. Our team of professionals are dedicated to service quality, and we aim to please every customer. We offer a wide variety of residential and commercial HVAC services. We’re known as the leading heating and AC repair company in Baton Rouge, LA because we handle each and every job with the utmost care. If you need an HVAC contractor, Glenn Baker’s Heating & Air Conditioning service is the obvious choice.

Cooling Services

Glenn Baker’s offers a range of heating and air conditioning services. If you’re looking for a reliable Baton Rouge air conditioning company, you’ve come to the right place. Some of our services include:

  • Heating system installation.
  • Heating system repair.
  • Air conditioning system installation.
  • Air conditioning system repair.
  • HVAC system replacements and upgrades.
  • Preventative maintenance.
  • Emergency service.

Regular maintenance can make a big difference in your HVAC system’s performance and prevent costly problems in the future. These regularly-scheduled tasks can add years to the useful life of your system and help you save money on energy bills. Let us help you choose the right service agreement for your needs.

Reliable Heating and AC Repair

For reliable heating and air conditioning repair services, Baton Rouge residents always turn to us. We’ve worked with all major brands, so we can handle virtually any heating or cooling system repair. Unexpected furnace and air conditioning problems always seem to occur on the hottest, stickiest Louisiana days or the rare cool Louisiana nights, but our emergency service is available to take care of all your urgent repairs. If an aging system experiences significant problems, it sometimes makes more sense to replace it instead of proceeding with costly repairs. Our experts can evaluate the situation and help you make the right decision.

The Best HVAC Contractor in Louisiana

At Glenn Baker’s, we install new heating systems and air conditioning systems; we also replace older systems with more energy-efficient models. Our heating and cooling solutions are designed to save customers money and reduce their impact on the environment. With a new system, you’ll stay comfortable regardless of the outside temperature, and you’ll lower your energy bills at the same time. We are dedicated to helping you choose the best investment for your family or business. Our flexible financing options allow you to invest in an HVAC system while sticking to your budget.

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Whether you need an HVAC repair, maintenance or a new installation, our specialists can help. When you choose Glenn Baker’s Heating & Air Conditioning service, you can feel confident that you’re working with a reliable, professional company. Our impeccable reputation is based on a long record of customer satisfaction. We take pride in our courteous, customer-centered approach to service. If you’re searching for a company that can serve all your HVAC needs, look no further: Our team of experts is ready to help. Call us today to schedule an appointment or to learn more about our services in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.