If you want to understand how airflow works in your home, there are two key concepts to appreciate. The first is air distribution and the second is ventilation. Air distribution encompasses how air is dispersed throughout a residence. Ventilation encompasses the process of how stale air is pushed out of your home and how fresh air is brought in.

Indoor Air Quality

Glenn Baker’s Heating & Air Conditioning has many customers throughout Baton Rouge and neighboring communities. We specialize in indoor air quality and other related topics. We stress the importance of adequate airflow in a house because it’s vital to your health. In the absence of proper airflow, pollutants and contaminants can build up within a residence. Indoor air pollution can be 10 times greater indoors than out, and the EPA recognizes this as a serious health risk to many Americans.

Air Distribution

In most modern homes, air is distributed throughout the interior via an air handler that pushes it through the ductwork. Air enters rooms and other spaces within the house through vents, and the pressure throughout the residence balances itself naturally. Air distribution and ventilation systems in a home are often intrinsically connected.


There has been a trend toward decoupling ventilation and air distribution. Traditionally, home HVAC systems have used either a passive supply-only approach or an active exhaust-only approach to ventilation, and these both continue to be efficient techniques. Nevertheless, balanced ventilation is becoming more prevalent. This approach balances both active supply and exhaust, and it often separates the air distribution from the ventilation. While better for IAQ, it can be less energy-efficient, but there are emerging technologies that are helping to offset that downside.

Optimize Your IAQ

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